If you are in Greece and wish to offer a stray companion animal for adoption, GAWF/Animal Action has created a Facebook page that we have called our VIRTUAL SHELTER.  This is where we will be posting the details of cats and dogs that are available for adoption by responsible owners.  In order for us to accept the animal into our “shelter” you must first “like” our virtual adoption page at::

and send your announcement to us on our Animal Action Facebook page.

Don’t forget to:

  • Give us information about the animal such as its age, sex, size, whether or not it has been treated for parasites, is micro-chipped, and is neutered/spayed
  • Provide a good quality photograph
  • Include your own contact details (this should include your location) so that anyone interested in an adoption can get in touch with you directly

Should you be interested in adopting a stray yourself, there are shelters in many areas.  Here are just some:

Environs of Athens:
Nea Filadelfia
KAZ, Markopoulo
Zografou, email : [email protected]

Outside Athens:
Chalkida dog shelter
Pylaia, Thessaloniki     

If none of these are near you, try contacting one of the local welfare groups listed here

They may not run a formal shelter, but there’s a good chance they will know of animals in their locality that are in need of a loving home.