On 17-22 October 2016, our Equine team, including our vet Kleopatra Triantafyllou, our farrier Aris Vlahakis and our dentist Theo Kouniaris, who assisted the team the first days, visited the islands of Hydra, Aegina, Kea and they checked and treated 151 equines. The majority of equines were the working mules in Hydra.

As every year all the equines had the proper dentistry care. All had their teeth rasped, and the most serious case was that of a donkey that was severely emaciated and had to have two teeth extracted. The owner and donkey left much relieved.

All the equines that needed, had their feet trimmed by our farrier who also dealt with many cases of laminitis, overgrown feet, seedy toe, and few abscesses.

Finally a lot of veterinary problems were dealt with. Most of them were lamenesses, due to their type of work, and appropriate instructions were given for the welfare of those animals. Also we had some wounds that needed to be cleaned and bandaged, some conjunctivitis cases, one hernia and one back pain problem.

It is always important to see how our visits are helping those equines, as every year, we see them improved. We would like to thank the Donkey sanctuary for funding this trip, and local welfare groups both in Hydra (Hydra's Arc) and in Aegina (Alexia Papagianni) for organizing their part of the outreach.