We have run campaigns on a number of topics, bringing specific issues to the attention of press and public.  Depending on the issue, we do this either on our own or in collaboration with other organisations. Social media are just one of the methods we use to help spread our various welfare messages but we can also be seen taking part in demonstrations, giving interviews on Greek radio or TV and generating news coverage and magazine articles.  These are some of the issues we have run campaigns about:

  • An end to hobbling (equids)
  • The use of animals in circuses (national ban achieved)
  • The unsuitability of exotic animals as pets
  • Promotion of neutering cats and dogs (videos commissioned and widely played)
  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Promotion of cage-free eggs (video widely played)
  • Happy Cows (in collaboration with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream)
  • Against mass poisoning of strays
  • Against inhumane treatment of animals in slaughter houses

Our campaign as members of Eurogroup for Animals, #StopTheTrucks, ended in June 2017 and received overwhelming support, exceeding its target of 1 million signatures from across the EU, calling for an end to the long-distance transportation of live animals.

Our supporters can play a vital role in helping to spread the messages promoted by our campaigns.  Please watch out for them on social media… “like” and “share”!