Returning to Hydra’s working equines

On 6th and 7th May, the GAWF/Animal Action Hellas team paid a two-day visit to the island of Hydra, to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to the islands’ working equines. Hydra makes up one of the Saronic islands, and is known for its outstanding beauty along with its lack of cars! Hydra holds Preserved […]

Annual visit to Agia Marina Donkey Rescue

Our Equine Care team returned to Crete to visit our partners, Agia Marina Donkey Rescue, on 27th and 28th April. Aris the farrier and Alkis the equine dental technician treated a total of 7 geldings and 23 female donkeys, ranging from 4 to approximately 40 years old! Thanks to daily attention from their loving carers […]

3 islands in two days!

Our Equine Care Team have been very busy recently, paying a 2 day visit from 9th – 10th April to the islands of Leros, Lipsi and Patmos to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to 43 of these islands’ equines. It was a demanding trip as it included travelling across three islands by car, plane […]

12 Years of Visiting Samaria Gorge’s Working Mules

On 15th April, our Equine Outreach team returned to the Forestry Service in Chania, Crete to visit the working mules of Samaria Gorge. The gorge is a major tourist attraction, situated in the White Mountains, with hiking trails through stunning forest and looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea. A total of 6 gelding mules were […]

Return to Andros

On March 25 – 27th the GAWF/Animal Action team visited the island of Andros to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to the island’s equines. Due to the pandemic, the team hadn’t been able to visit since 2019, so the majority of the working equines there were very much in need of their services.   […]

Our First Equine Outreach Trip of 2022!

1st March was World Horse Day, and what better way to celebrate than with our first equine outreach trip of the year?! In many parts of Greece, horses are still used for transport (tourism or private), agriculture, carrying goods and working in the forestry service carrying or dragging logs. We have run our unique Equine Programme […]

Keeping up with Kea’s Equines

Another island recently visited by our Equine Outreach team is Kea. The team have not been able to visit for a few years due to the pandemic, but on 1st and 2nd October they were welcomed back with open arms by the owners of the island’s equines. Vet Kostas, dental technician Alkis and farrier Tasos […]

Miniature horses on the island of Skyros

Our Equine Outreach team visited the island of Skyros from 29th – 31st October, home to the native rare breed of miniature Skyrian horses, not found anywhere else in the world! Kostas, Alkis and Tasos treated 68 horses during their trip, and checked another 6, mostly in two farms for the conservation of the Skyros […]

Positivity in Paros

Our equine team have been visiting the Greek island of Paros for 12 years, and during our most recent visit in September, we were pleased to see how our ongoing support has improved the welfare of the working equines and attitudes of their owners. We treated 58 donkeys, horses and mules, all either living in […]

September in Santorini

Santorini… a Greek paradise and tourist hotspot which sees over 2 million visitors flock there each year for its stunning views and sightseeing. Santorini is well known for its donkeys and mules, they’ve been used for transportation and development there for hundreds of years, but now, are more commonly used as tourist taxis. We’ve been visiting […]