Syros Island: 3rd neuter visit!

Another ‘mass cat neutering’ on the Cycladic island of Syros came to an end early this June 2019, making a significant contribution to our joint “Cat Population Control Project”. This was the year’s third spay/neuter visit to Syros and we succeeded in sterilising another 90 cats! That means we have officially sterilised 312 so far […]

Will the politically diverse new EP mean a unified voice for animals?

 The results are finally in, and we are optimistic to see that more than 100 candidates who pledged to act for animals have been elected to the new European Parliament, with representation across the political groups and across the EU.  Of the candidates who took the animal welfare pledges in our VoteforAnimals2019 campaign – their […]

Irma, Gigi and Jojoba got their “happy endings”

Irma, Gigi, and Jojoba all had the worst possible start in life but we have received news of some ‘happy endings’ that we thought you’d like to hear about… Last year the three pups were dumped, along with their mother, Truffle, and one further sibling, on a hillside above Aspropyrgos (a run-down industrial area) outside […]


No one writes to the papers about these animals and their working conditions…  Up in northern Greece, in remote mountain villages where tourists never venture, whole communities depend on forestry.  This is not the Greece of the brochure, with little whitewashed houses clustered next to a sandy bay and an azure sea.  Here, the weather […]

Equine Project : Skyros Outreach

Ιn late 2018 we were in Skyros again, home of the small-statured but big-hearted Skyrian horse, one of the rare breeds of Greece. A few years ago there weren’t that many pure bred Skyrians left and the small size of their gene pool had allowed hereditary malformations to become increasingly common. Recently we have been […]

Put yourself “IN THEIR HOOVES”

‘While on your holiday, be a responsible tourist and put yourself ‘In Their Hooves.’ The Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF) has since 2000 worked in partnership with The Donkey Sanctuary in Greece. We are very proud of our long standing work together to seek to improve the welfare of donkeys and mules in Greece.   The Donkey Sanctuary has partnered […]


We are delighted to announce the release of 6 wild birds from the EKPAZ Centre following the ministerial order to close it down, issued by Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr Socrates Famelos in October 2018. On Sunday the 24th of March at Lake Kerkini, northern Greece,  6 wild birds were released back into their […]

Cruise giant partners with The Donkey Sanctuary to protect Santorini’s donkeys

Following a public outcry about overweight tourists using donkey taxis, CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) is backing The Donkey Sanctuary’s new campaign to protect working donkeys and mules in holiday hotspots such as Santorini. International animal welfare charity, The Donkey Sanctuary, welcomes CLIA’S support as it launches In Their Hooves – a campaign asking holiday […]


Hurrah! It’s “WORLD SPAY DAY”! (Yes, there really is one. To be honest, we’re a bit surprised ourselves. Three cheers for whoever thought of it though)… To mark the day and help raise awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering we’re sharing a super-short video from our Syros Neutering Programme, 2019. Have you ever […]