Over 2,000 cats neutered in Syros

We Live Together clinic in Syros finished 2021 by venturing to a completely new area and finding a colony of cats to neuter! The team were on their way back to the clinic after finishing neutering in the Saint Dimitris area, when they realised they had 3 empty cages. Never wanting to go back to the […]

A new mass sterilisation clinic in Taxiarchis

We are delighted to share the fantastic news that a very generous foundation have supported us in funding a new veterinary clinic in Taxiarchis, Evia, for mass sterilisation, vaccination and treatment of cats and dogs! Back in August, wildfires broke out in Greece following an unprecedented heatwave, with the island of Evia being one of the […]

The importance of neutering

We were delighted to receive pictures from Paroscat, a local animal welfare organisation we support, of a ginger female cat who has been impossible to catch for 3 years. After becoming increasingly friendly at the Logaras feeding station where she is fed daily, this week she was finally caught! She has continuously given birth to […]

Protecting the Paros cats

It’s been almost a year since we started our cat population management project on the island of Paros, in collaboration with three local groups – Paroscat, PAWS – Paros Animal Welfare Society and Φιλόζωοι Εθελοντές Πάρου (Animal Welfare Paros). Back in November, we worked with FOUR PAWS to launch the project, supporting the existing and […]

Keeping up with Kea’s Equines

Another island recently visited by our Equine Outreach team is Kea. The team have not been able to visit for a few years due to the pandemic, but on 1st and 2nd October they were welcomed back with open arms by the owners of the island’s equines. Vet Kostas, dental technician Alkis and farrier Tasos […]

Miniature horses on the island of Skyros

Our Equine Outreach team visited the island of Skyros from 29th – 31st October, home to the native rare breed of miniature Skyrian horses, not found anywhere else in the world! Kostas, Alkis and Tasos treated 68 horses during their trip, and checked another 6, mostly in two farms for the conservation of the Skyros […]

1 million people call for the end of circus animals in Europe

A petition calling for a ban on the use of animals in circuses, led by Eurogroup for Animals, has recently hit 1,000,000 signatures and has been handed over to representatives of the European Parliament. Started in 2018 by InfoCircos, a coalition of animal and wildlife welfare groups, the petition played a key role in Eurogroup […]


Our Urgent Wildfire Appeal has raised a truly lifechanging €25,000. We’ve started sending funds to those most in need, and want to share with you how your donations are saving lives in the aftermath of what were Greece’s worst wildfires to date.


As the wildfires continue to blaze, the devastating effect they are having on the animals of Greece is becoming worse by the day. Companion animals, wildlife, farm animals… they are all in grave danger.