3 islands in two days!

Our Equine Care Team have been very busy recently, paying a 2 day visit from 9th – 10th April to the islands of Leros, Lipsi and Patmos to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to 43 of these islands’ equines. It was a demanding trip as it included travelling across three islands by car, plane […]

12 Years of Visiting Samaria Gorge’s Working Mules

On 15th April, our Equine Outreach team returned to the Forestry Service in Chania, Crete to visit the working mules of Samaria Gorge. The gorge is a major tourist attraction, situated in the White Mountains, with hiking trails through stunning forest and looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea. A total of 6 gelding mules were […]


Sterilisations are a crucial step in reducing the population of stray animals, which are unfortunately increasing day by day in Aspropyrgos. Stray dogs are forced to live on the roads and barren industrial landscapes due to negligence, with lack of food and veterinary care. In an area with such high numbers of stray animals, sterilisations […]

Return to Andros

On March 25 – 27th the GAWF/Animal Action team visited the island of Andros to provide veterinary, dental and farriery care to the island’s equines. Due to the pandemic, the team hadn’t been able to visit since 2019, so the majority of the working equines there were very much in need of their services.   […]

Spring neutering in Syros

Our partners Syros Cats and We Live Together have started feeling the spring in Greece and with our support, decided to take advantage of the good weather and visit several colonies of Hermoupolis! Breeding season is here so March is a month of ‘cleaning up’ any unfinished colonies to get any remaining females neutered before they […]

World Stray Animals Day

Monday 4th April was #WorldStrayAnimalsDay and in honour of the millions of stray animals around the world, we kicked off our week long Education Project called ‘Speak of the Donkey’. Educationist, Kostas, and his assistant, Valentina, visited hundreds of pupils in Greek schools to share their knowledge and passion for animals. The pupils engaged in […]

Our First Equine Outreach Trip of 2022!

1st March was World Horse Day, and what better way to celebrate than with our first equine outreach trip of the year?! In many parts of Greece, horses are still used for transport (tourism or private), agriculture, carrying goods and working in the forestry service carrying or dragging logs. We have run our unique Equine Programme […]

Municipality of Sparta Shelter

In early March, we learned of the horrific conditions in a municipal shelter located in Sparta and the atrocities happening there. On 21st February, Save a Greek Stray filed a lawsuit against the local authority which led to the Deputy Mayor and two shelter managers being arrested for animal cruelty. They remained in custody until […]

Revision of EU Animal Welfare Legislation

The European Commission has held a public consultation on the revision of animal welfare legislation, as part of their wider agenda to address animal welfare as an EU citizen priority within their ‘Farm to Fork’ Strategy. This 14 week consultation closed on 21 January 2022 with the aim to collect the opinions of the general […]

Over 2,000 cats neutered in Syros

We Live Together clinic in Syros finished 2021 by venturing to a completely new area and finding a colony of cats to neuter! The team were on their way back to the clinic after finishing neutering in the Saint Dimitris area, when they realised they had 3 empty cages. Never wanting to go back to the […]