Junior’s Diary

Well, I thought it was about time I updated you on what’s going on around Kini and at Syros Cats. I’m Junior, I like to think I’m top cat and I get to sleep on my mom’s bed every night. I make sure I’m waiting there when she comes to bed. That’s a bit of […]

A Day In the Life of Gremlin

I was always very scared. I never had friends, cat or human. I’d wait, hiding in the bushes, until everyone else had fed themselves and the humans had gone. Often there was nothing left for me and I was hungry. I must have looked a mess. I have long black fur, now it’s fluffy and […]

Tackling colonies on Syros!

Our work on Syros island continues in collaboration with We Live Together clinic. The team decided to head to a village which hasn’t been visited for a long time – Azolimnos. This is the closest village to Hermoupolis, where the team have been trapping, neutering and releasing since the winter in preparation for breeding season. […]

A Day in the Life of Rua

Hi everyone, I’m Rua. It’s a bit of a silly name for a cat, but I just got stuck with it and now I’ve got my passport and everything – Rua it will stay! I don’t remember much about my early life. But I couldn’t see like my siblings and one day I wandered off […]

Spring neutering in Syros

Our partners Syros Cats and We Live Together have started feeling the spring in Greece and with our support, decided to take advantage of the good weather and visit several colonies of Hermoupolis! Breeding season is here so March is a month of ‘cleaning up’ any unfinished colonies to get any remaining females neutered before they […]

A day in the life of Barney

I’ve been here for a very long time – even before it was Syros Cats when there was a butcher’s shop nextdoor. I was born in Kini and when I was about three months old, my cat mum went off to do her own thing and I started to make my way on my own. […]


I’m the only cat here at Syros Cats that has come from another island. I was born on Andros, it’s about two hours away on the ferry. When I was very small a French lady took me in, she lived in the mountains and in winter it’s very cold and wet. Us cats hate wet… […]


I’ve always had a problem with my eyes. I was rescued from Galissas at about five weeks old, I couldn’t get any food because I couldn’t see and was full of parasites. Luckily I was found by a tourist and her son from Athens, and they brought me to Syros Cats, where they cleaned my […]

Over 2,000 cats neutered in Syros

We Live Together clinic in Syros finished 2021 by venturing to a completely new area and finding a colony of cats to neuter! The team were on their way back to the clinic after finishing neutering in the Saint Dimitris area, when they realised they had 3 empty cages. Never wanting to go back to the […]


They call me Coco.  It’s a bit of an insult to my beautiful dark black, brown and orange glossy fur. I go to a lot of trouble keeping it clean and smooth. I didn’t always live at Syros Cats, but I’ve always had plenty of food. I was born in Kini, my mother made a […]