Donkey Sanctuary and Santorini (donkeys and mules)

GAWF / AAH support the following Donkey Sanctuary Position Statement, July 2018. The Donkey Sanctuary – donkey and mule tourism Santorini “The Donkey Sanctuary does not actively promote the use of donkeys and mules in any form of tourism. The Donkey Sanctuary does, however, recognise that donkeys and mules form an important part of the social, cultural heritage and economic foundations of many countries. In Greece, donkeys and mules are an intrinsic part of the tourism industry, providing families and communities with an opportunity to create a sustainable livelihood. However, animal welfare is key and must be a priority.  The Donkey Sanctuary has expressed concern about the current working conditions and practices of many of the donkeys and mules working on the island of Santorini, with continued challenges around enforcement of regulations combined and issues such as lack of shelter from the sun, lack of water, excessive working hours and overloading. Over the coming months, The Donkey Sanctuary will increase its efforts to support the needs of these diligent donkeys and mules, and will seek to work with local government and animal owners to understand the challenges they face in enforcing and complying to working equine policies and practices. The Donkey Sanctuary is committed to bringing about sustainable change so that the animals have improved working conditions; living better lives, free from suffering and are fully valued.”

Campaign objective:

Run a campaign to raise awareness and promote what the Donkey Sanctuary, in partnership with Greek Animal Welfare Fund / Animal Action Hellas is doing to change attitudes of the animal owners, public opinion and improve the welfare of working donkeys and mules. Launch Date and Duration: August 2018 – May 2019


Read about the positive talks we held with the mayor of Santorini (24th August) here