GAWF knows that the children of today are the citizens of the future and that they need to be taught respect for animals and shown the true meaning of animal welfare. It is of the utmost importance that children are well educated in these areas, as this is the only real hope of bringing about the changes in attitudes towards animals  that we need to see in Greece.

Collaboration with Hellenic Cosmos – Cultural Centre

Our latest welfare education project aimed to reach more children than ever before. We worked in close cooperation with one of the leading cultural centres in Athens that is visited by thousands of young people every year and after months of development ‘The Animal Lawsuit’ premiered at Ηεllinic Cosmos.

Our starting point was an ancient story ,The Animals’ Lawsuit, from Persia.  It concerns a faraway land and a long ago time when there was a beautiful island on which man had never set foot, and all of creation lived in harmony – the island of Balishigun. When a great storm carries a group of humans there, the natural balance is soon upset, and the animals find themselves taken captive and oppressed.  In desperation they decide to take their troubles to the Great Djinn who is to be found on the mountaintop.

The Cultural Centre’s trained staff used sound, movement, masks and theatrical role-play alongside traditional storytelling to involve the visiting children at every level.

Here are some of the other educational strategies we have been using:

– An annual Writing Competition for school-age children, which always focused on an animal-friendly theme

– Printing and distribution of various age-appropriate leaflets designed as teaching aids in schools

– Visits to schools and communities with a teacher who delivered the welfare message through English language lessons.

– Distribution of specially designed information leaflets with easy-to-follow instructions about various issues in the area of equine care (e.g.   hobbling; dental care; hoof trimming).

– Seminars for local welfare groups aimed at supporting them to run and organise themselves effectively

– Seminars for owners of equines and veterinarians with hands-on training in every aspect of equine care

– The printing, publication and distribution of a wide range of public information leaflets on various welfare issues, (e.g. Exotic Species: why    they don’t make good pets; Neutering; Responsible Pet Ownership; Battery Hens; Abandonment; Poisoning etc)

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