Working equines are a common sight throughout the Greek countryside, especially in islands where the use of motor vehicles is not as widespread. Unfortunately, services taken for granted in the UK –equine vets, dental technicians and farriers- are in limited availability, leading to a considerable amount of -easily prevented- hardship for these animals.


This is the gap that The Equine Project aims to cover: the provision of care and services for Greek equines in order to maintain their health and wellbeing, while creating a future legacy through hands-on practical training of locals in farriery, dentistry and veterinary skills.


Responding to calls from local vets or welfare groups, GAWF, through its annual scheme for Equine healthcare and management sends out a group of specialists aiming to provide assistance and advice on how participants can better respond to animal treatment.


Currently, the programme offers free care to over 1000 equines per year during its 50-60 days of outreach work.


We recognize that sustainability comes through education, and thus have taken meaningful steps in providing training and funding to Greek veterinary students through undergraduate and postgraduate studies both in Greece and in the UK, as well as a wide range of readily available

educational resources to working professionals.


With GAWFs support, several Greek vets and laypersons have attended The Shires Dental College to learn basic dentistry skills. This proved to be a significant move, given that there has been a substantial number of animals requiring dental treatment and no Greek equine dentists able to offer

such service.


As a result, our trained specialists all over Greece are now starting to run their own outreach clinics, building a nationwide network of knowledgeable professionals, passing on their skills to others.