Lecture on Equine Welfare at the country’s only School of Veterinary Medicine

So, you’ve exhausted your DIY skills but water’s still pouring in through the hole in the roof. “Who ya gonna call?” Ghostbusters? Well, no, but at least someone professional – right? But what if NO ONE KNOWS how to fix the roof? You’re on your own.

That’s the reality for thousands of owners of working donkeys and mules in Greece. There are very few vets with experience of diagnosing and treating the ailments of their animals. The nearest one may be a day’s journey away. Ghostbusters aren’t picking up.

That’s why we sent the most highly qualified equine vet in Greece, Kleopatra Triantafyllou, who has been a Leader of our Equine Project for years, to the country’s only School of Veterinary Medicine (at the University of Thessaloniki) in December, to deliver a lecture to the School’s students, sharing her enthusiasm for all things horsey and in particular her knowledge of common ailments and how to treat them. The students otherwise have no access to specialist teaching in equine medicine! The school doesn’t provide it. Kleo challenged her audience to take an active interest in learning how to care for working donkeys and mules and encouraged them to volunteer to join one of our Project’s outreach visits. The knowledge and practical skills the young vets would learn could mean that the next time a desperate owner picks up the phone, the local vet might actually be in a position to help!

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