Joining forces to create a favorable political environment for animal welfare

We focus on improving animal welfare by lobbying EU institutions and the Greek State to deliver better legislation and enforcement.

Animal Action has been a long standing member for Eurogroup for Animals, the only pan-European umbrella organisation for animal welfare, including many well-known and respected animal welfare organisations with a shared focus on improving the welfare of animals in Europe. The coalition helps to provide national and EU campaign support for the activities of NGOs working on animal welfare issues.

The coalition has a strong history of campaigning and lobbying and we hope that by working together, we can tackle welfare problems whether it is for companion animals, farm animals or wildlife.

Animal Action has been influencing decision makers, on national and European level, for a number of years now. It is a very important part of our job. Much of what we do involves sitting on committees arguing our case, producing submissions to consultations, discussions with civil servants, providing input wherever else required and forming alliance with other organizations in Greece that share our concerns and views.