We know that neutering is the only proven method through which the overpopulation of strays can be dealt with effectively and humanely.

Our veterinary teams regularly make trips to various locations all over Greece to neuter stray cats and dogs. We work with the local animal welfare group in the area and aim to neuter and treat as many animals as possible.

During neutering trips we distribute our educational leaflets to the general public so that it is clear what we are doing and why. We promote responsible pet ownership and explain how people can play a part in caring for the street animals living in their area. We find that in areas where the community looks after the street animals, incidents of cruelty and poisoning are rare.

We have a dedicated vet team running our neutering programme, and it costs just £30 to neuter each animal. With your help we will treat, vaccinate(against rabbies) and provide care to the animals in need so please donate by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

The benefits of neutering
Neutering prevents unwanted pregnancies and improves the health of female animals that otherwise get pregnant very regularly and become weakened by the constant demands of their young. Males become less aggressive and less likely to run off and get lost.

Since Greece has a problem with large numbers of stray cats and dogs, it is socially responsible to neuter… as an alternative to the practice of dumping unwanted kittens and puppies in litter bins – or abandoning them on the doorstep of the local welfare group. It is not a kindness to condemn an animal to a life in a shelter or on the street. There is nothing “natural” about that.

Trap, neuter, Release (TNR)
GAWF/ANIMAL ACTION believes in the value of neutering strays, and placing them back into the neighbourhood where they were living, once they are fit again. This helps to control numbers of strays by filling the environmental “niche” the animal was using, preventing colonisation by new animals, which may reproduce. This can only work if owners are also neutering their owned animals and not allowing fertile pets roam the streets where they will certainly end up mating either with strays or other owned animals.
If you are running a local welfare group and would like a visit, you are invited to contact us in Greece.