Neutering Public Information Video

Greek Animal Welfare Fund/Animal Action Hellas: GET YOUR PET NEUTERED!

From today, Greek TV will be airing our ‘public information’ short, animated film across many channels. Its canine “star” is shown getting up to a whole lot of not-so-polite behaviours, and the ‘take-home message’ is crystal clear: “Get your dog neutered. He’ll be happier, healthier, better behaved, and he won’t be responsible for any unwanted litters of puppies!” Our animation will be broadcast for a whole month, and we know its humorous (and slightly ‘salty’) approach will make the serious content stick in people’s minds. We’d like to thank Angeliki Panagiotopoulou for donating her time and expertise in editing both the video and audio version for us, and what’s more, she did it in two languages! Special thanks to Frank&Fame (Creative),Imagina (Creative), Stathis Nikolakopoulos and the Municipality of Ilioupolis (recording/narration).This type of TV message can reach thousands of people and help to change attitudes. Would you like to be part of making these vital changes happen? (

Posted by Greek Animal Welfare Fund/Animal Action Greece on Wednesday, 8 January 2020