Mapping the stray cats population in Syros!

Starting with the mapping of the population of stray cats in Syros and with the support of the island’s Municipality, local vets and the volunteers from Syros Cats, Animal Action plans to sterilize 1.000 cats within 2019. Our main goal is not just to control the stray population of the island but to also secure […]

SANTORINI WORKING EQUIDS: GUARDIAN ARTICLE The Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF) and its partner The Donkey Sanctuary were delighted to hear on 2 August 2018 that the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food reasserted the need for a national level code of conduct for working equines. We both welcome the continued efforts to impose limits on the maximum […]


Live from Hydra: Our Equine Team accompanied by our CEO, Paul McGlone, are on the island of Hydra where GAWF/Animal Action Hellas has regularly been providing care to the working equines. Hydra is largely car-free so a lot of the heavy carrying is still done by the working mules there. This year Bebeka and Bebaki […]