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After a long period of development, we’ve finally achieved a long-held ambition: our first series of specially designed animal welfare lessons for Year 1 of primary school (6-7 year olds) has just won the approval of the Greek Ministry of Education! This may not sound
like much of a reason to make a big fuss, but to us it represents a HUGE STEP because it means that the 13 new lesson plans we have devised – working with a Greek early years teaching specialist – are now freely and easily AVAILABLE FOR TEACHERS TO USE IN EVERY STATE PRIMARY IN GREECE!

  • You can download the Year 1 : 13 lesson plans by clicking here
  • Or you can download our material from the official Ministry Of Education’s site 
  • You can find the official ministerial approval of our Education Project here

Each lesson is packed with activities and games that enrich knowledge and understanding. The lively illustrations engage the
emotions, which, as we all know, is the first step on the road to compassion. We also know that every child that is taught to respect animals and provide for them responsibly will one day play a part in transforming attitudes in Greece.

We aim to build on this success by providing a series of lessons for teachers to use with each of the remaining five year-groups of primary school, so this is just the beginning!

We’re immensely grateful to the Samourkas Foundation and the Goldman Sachs Gives fund whose generous support helped to make the development of our first series of lessons possible.

Would you like to be part of one of the most meaningful long-term projects GAWF has ever undertaken? You can contribute to the next set of lessons we create – for Year 2 – by making a donation today.

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