GAWF/Animal Action's Equine Project team, consisting of veterinarian Michael Gaganis and farrier Giannis Brastianos visited the island of Amorgos on the 23rd of June, where they stayed for 2 days and had the opportunity to examine and treat 61 equines.

The people of Amorgos always welcome our team with gratitude, and do their best to make our teams' work easier. Most of the equines that were treated were donkeys, some mules, a few horses and our team traveled to the four corners of the island to reach them. They all had their necessary corrections in their teeth by our vet, who also had to do 2 extractions that were vital to relieve from pain 2 retired donkeys. A number of anti-parasitic treatments was also performed for the equines that live in the island’s shelter. Our farrier had to deal with some challenging cases as well, mostly due to the fact that some owners still use hobbling for containment and this always has a bad effect on the equines' hoof and its' limbs in general.

Thanks to our teams intervention, a neglected donkey suffering from an old and quite severe fracture of upper hind limb which was now healed, found a new home in the shelter. His owners had just left him in a field. Our team examined the unlucky equine, and decided that even though there were impairments in its' locomotor system that were irreversible; it could live a normal, happy life together with the other animals of the shelter.

Many thanks to Litsa Passari and the Animal Zone International, the people of Amorgos and of course the Donkey Sanctuary for caring, making this trip possible and contributing to the welfare of working equines in Greece.