GAWF/Animal Action's Equine Project team, consisting of vet Michael Gaganis and farrier Giannis Brastianos spent from the 26th to 28th of October in the islands of Kos and Kalymnos.

From the first day our team had to deal with a difficult situation, when a young mare was presented with a life threatening colic, and the owner claimed that she hadn't been eating, drinking or defecating the last day. Luckily our team was close to the spot, so no more time was wasted and therapy was initiated in order to save the mare. Thankfully the next day our vet was keeping a close eye to her and she was feeling a lot better, and the owners strictly followed our vet's instructions for the following days in order to fully overcome the danger.

During the course of the 3 days, our team examined 79 equines, most of which were donkeys, a few horses and a couple of Shetland ponies. All of them received proper dentistry and farriery care from our team and numerous corrections were made in equines with damaged hooves due to wrong equipment, malnutrition and bad trimming.

A discussion was also initiated with the people of Kos and Kalymnos about the problems they are facing because of the lack of rain for a whole year and possible solutions that can help them cope without having to let their equines graze unsuitable fields.

A huge thanks to the Donkey Sanctuary and the people of Kos and Kalymnos for their support.