Our equine team, consisting of the vet Elisa Geskou, the farrier Aris Vlahakis and the trainee in dentistry Alkis Gkeskos, visited Crete for the annual visit.

74 equines were treated in 3 days; 42 donkeys, 24 horses and 8 mules.

We visited two donkey shelters where we offered our veterinary, farriery and dentistry treatments to all the elderly rescued donkeys, a few horses and mules. Since these animals receive routinely our help, the dental and hoof problems were not so serious.

We came across some simple veterinary cases, mostly skin problems and injuries, to which our vet gave treatment, lots of arthritic donkeys and a donkey with ballerina syndrome. We had the chance to see again the donkey with the big sarcoid that we had given treatment with the help of the Liverpool University; after lots of applications and hard work, the sarcoid had disappeared.

Once again we treated the mules that work in the Samaria gorge. They received dentistry and farriery treatment. They were all in very good body condition; lots of advice and information were given to the people taking care of them.

We also managed to visit a riding club for which we had received complaints on the condition score of a few horses. We were happy to find out that all the horses were given very good care and that these specific horses were undergoing serious health problems (hence their bad body condition score), for which they received constant veterinary treatment.  

It was a successful trip which certainly improved the living of the equines treated and gave knowledge to all the people being involved in it.