Our equine team, consisting of vet Elisa Geskou, farrier Aris Vlachakis and equine dentist Garry Draper, visited Naxos and treated in total 66 animals. Dental and farriery treatments were offered to almost all animals, with several serious cases needing extra attention, such as the difficult extraction of a, slightly loose and deviated towards the cheek, molar on an elderly donkey, whose owner, before our treatment, believed that the donkey’s life had come to its end as he had not been eating normally for the last weeks.  Many cases with overlong hooves were also treated, while various equines were given treatment for acute crisis of laminitis.

A big percentage of the animals seen were hobbled, all with scars on their legs, some with skin injuries and a few with lameness due to the hobbling. Education was given to all owners about the alternatives, especially to the younger generation and leaflets were handed out.

All equines were treated with insect repellent for stable flies and horse flies; breeding is common in Naxos, this is the reason why we came across a relatively big number of foals compared to other places in Greece, which were all wormed by our vet.

Our vet and farrier continued their trip to Paros, where 30 equines were treated, mostly donkeys. The biologist Alkis Gkeskos joined the team, in order to assist with the dental work.

All equines were treated for dental and hoof problems, while various veterinary problems were successfully dealt with, with treatments and also management advice, such as the case of a pony with recurrent airway obstruction and beginning of ballarina syndrome.

We also came across a very sad case of a metal wire placed inside the mouth of a donkey, in order to act as a mouth bit and control the donkey from running away while ridden. Due to various reasons, the owner of the donkey had difficulty in understanding what he was doing wrong, so with a lot of patience we gave him an easy alternative way to control the donkey without hurting it. The local organizers of our visit keep an eye on this donkey and make sure that it is properly looked after by its owner.

A member of Animal Welfare Paros followed our team in part of the visit, so we had the chance to discuss about welfare matters on the island and future actions, while on the same time treat a donkey owner’s poor dog that was literally covered with ticks all over its body.

We would like to thank all the local organizers on both Naxos and Paros, without which we would not be able to reach these equines and who offer to accommodate and drive us around the islands. This year our special thanks to Dimitris Lianos, the owner of hotel Grotta in Naxos, who offered the accommodation, the hire car and the evening meals to our team.