On the 22-24th of April 2016 GAWF/Animal Action had the first seminar for the year with Alex Hall, Giannis Brastianos and Michael Gaganis as the instructors. It was based in Pertouli Trikala, where a lot of lumberjacks are located. The seminar was mainly focusing on trimming and specifically basic level as the participants were mostly beginners.

As always on the first day we had the theory and the next two days the practical part of the seminar. The delegates were mainly people shoeing and trimming themselves wishing to gain more experience but also a lot of veterinary students of Thessaloniki vet school joined the seminar to gain more experience in various aspects of equine care.

Even though people from all over Greece travelled to the seminar, it was the locals who shown the least interest.4-5 of the locals owners came and took part but the rest even though being informed they chose not to participate. It was mainly as they were expecting to have their animals shod instead of being taught how to do it themselves. At least all the rest of the delegates enjoyed the seminar and left feeling enormously better in various aspects of trimming and foot balance.