On the 3rd of May our equine project team travelled to Rhodes were they worked for the day and the next day travelled to Κasos. In total these 2 days, they saw and treated 59 equines. In the first day that they were in Rhodes they spent most of their time visiting the local breed of little horses but also checking the condition of the donkeys in Lindos.

On the next day they travelled to Kasos. In the 24 hours they had on the island they treated almost all the equines on the island also a dog that was shot 1 month previously and was showing hypermetria and ataxia of the hind limbs.

Both days the animals had a full dental check and treatment of any problems such as sharp edges, hooks, ramps, and two extractions were carried also out. All animals were dewormed and any veterinary related problems were also dealt with. Finally our farrier trimmed all the hooves that needed, especially some cases with chronic laminitis with overgrown and prolapsed feet.

One of the difficult times in this trip is when our team came across a donkey with tetanus due to a very deep head collar injury, probably of around 1 month duration. The donkey was already in an advanced stage of tetanus and nothing could be done, except explaining to the owners how the progression would be and then end the suffering of the poor animal, which was done.

Despite the difficult times, it was once more a very successful trip. Our special thanks to the Donkey sanctuary, Anna Stamatiou and ‘Faethon’ for their support and organising of this trip.