The strays of Mavropigi 2017

The strays of Mavropigi

This is the reality of Mavropigi, a ghost-town in northern Greece, 20 km from Kozani, which some time ago was the subject of a compulsory purchase order. The human residents all moved away but no one wanted the stray dogs, which were left behind. Hungry and diseased, they have been struggling to survive. Because of your generous response to our recent appeal, we were able to send our Neutering Officer, Serafina, to Mavropigi to take stock of the situation and assess the most urgent needs. In addition to providing essential basic medication and treatment, we have begun the process of spaying the female dogs – in cooperation with the local vet. So far, 2 dogs have been spayed and there are 18 more to go. Serafina met the extraordinary Triantafyllia (whose name means Rose), one of only two volunteers that are caring for the strays of the ghost town. Triantafyllia has built an enclosure within which she manages to keep many of the dogs safe.We are proud to support the efforts Triantafyllia is making together with Alexia, the other volunteer, and Ioannis Stoitsis, the local vet. Their work is making a real difference to the lives of these dogs. Everyone that contributed to our appeal on their behalf can share that pride. Thank you for caring.

Posted by Greek Animal Welfare Fund/Animal Action Greece on Friday, 11 August 2017