Staff in Greece

Daphne Mavrogiorgos - CEO

Daphne Mavrogiorgos was born in Athens in 1977. She holds a BSc in Biology from the University of Massachussetts and an MSc in Geography-Environmental Change & Management from Queen Mary & Westfield College, London. She is an avid mountaineer and has had a strong presence in the Greek and European non-profit, nature conservation sector for many years, coordinating projects and policy. Her adopted stray dog Throubi is very proud of her taking on her new role as Animal Action/ GAWF CEO.

Sophia Kyriakopoulou- Operations Manager 

Staff in the UK

Nestor Rousodimos- Head of UK Operations 

Bunmi Shogade- Finance and Administration Officer 

The equine project team

Elisa Geskou – Veterinary surgeon, Equine dentist and Project Coordinator 

Elisa Geskou is a Greek veterinary surgeon and in 2003, not long after graduating, she noticed a GAWF announcement at her University in Thessaloniki, offering training to vets interested in equines. This is how her relationship with GAWF began.
Since then she has been working as a private vet and has also taken part in GAWF’s Equine Project work. Elisa has attended a number of outreach visits as a vet and a dentist (she was trained by GAWF in dentistry in the UK) and has treated many equines in need. She has owned a horse for 18 years and is very interested in equine welfare in her country so also helps by dealing with welfare complaints, giving advice and producing educational material for GAWF.

Kleopatra Triantafyllou – Fully Certified Equine Veterinary Surgeon and Project Coordinator 

Kleo graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2005. In her last year of training she met GAWF’s team at one of their seminars for vet students and applied for the GAWF scholarship – which she received.
After gaining her qualification she was trained as an equine dentist in the UK and gained valuable experience in all aspects of equine medicine. Since then, and only with a short break for a year to complete her Master’s Degree, she has been a member of GAWF’s team, helping working equines all around Greece. 

Garry Draper CEq/d – Equine Dentist

Garry first started working for the equine team in 2001 and has provided dental training for numerous Greek vets and lay persons and carried out dental work on thousands of equines.

Garry qualified in America at the Worlwide Association of Equine Destiny in Idaho and is authorised to run training courses anywhere in the world. He currently runs an equine dental practice that carries out work across Europe with the help of various vaterinary and welfare groups.

Giannis Brastianos – Farrier

Giannis has been working as a farrier since 2002. In 2004, following a conversation with a vet about GAWF’s work he contacted the equine team and accompanied them on a couple of outreach visits so that his skills could be tested.
Following this he was offered the chance, through GAWF funding, to qualify as a farrier and thus became a member of the Equine Project where he remains up to now. Today he shares his time between being a professional farrier and a farrier for all the working equines all around Greece through GAWF’s project. 

Aris Vlachakis - Farrier

Aris has been a professional farrier since 2004, but he first came across GAWF at one of the Seminars we held in Crete in 2006.  Since 2008 he has been a stalwart of the Equine Team, joining us on many of our outreach visits all over Greece, while also continuing to work independently throughout Crete, which is his home.