This is an example of an email we received recently from a concerned tourist. It just goes to show that a simple email can change the life of an animal!


Subject: Stray puppy found in Halkidiki
Dear GAWF Team

I would like to report a stray puppy, about 4-5 months old found just  outside the Hotel Anastasia Resort , Nea Skioni 630 77, Halkidiki, Greece, on Saturday 21st September.
 The puppy had followed a couple passing the local rubbish dump - it  looked as though that's where he had been living. He followed them to  the beach area of the hotel, accessed from a small road from Nea Skioni.
 He is a little shy, but seems to be very loving and playful.  He was  mainly white in colour, quite a fluffy coat with a black mask on his  face. He was covered in little sticky plant seeds. He looks as though  he would become quite a large dog.
 We unfortunately had to catch our coach for the airport about an hour  after we discovered him, but did alert some of the staff in the resort  about the puppy. They said he would probably be okay if the owners of the hotel didn't find him - he would then probably be taken into the mountains and dumped.
 If there is anything you could possibly do, if you have any volunteers in that area that perhaps could have a look for him. He looked in good health, just a little dehydrated given how quickly he drank the water we gave him. He would make a wonderful pet for someone given the chance, and it was  very upsetting to leave him.
I will be making a donation via your website, and will also be asking our local vets if they would be happy to display your poster.
 If you need any further information please don't hesitate to contact me.
 You organisation does fantastic work.
 Many thanks

We immediately contacted the local Chalkidiki Group and their president Julie asking of she can help and soon after we received this email from Julie:


Hi Evgenia,
Puppy is safe he is with me. 
Thank you


Needless to say we were all very happy to hear the wonderful news from Julie - especially Emma!


Dear Evgenia

That is just brilliant news! I am so happy.

Thank you so much and special thanks to Julie (especially for the photo!)

You all do such amazing work.

Thank you so much again.

Kind Regards