The Greek Animal Welfare Fund is a Registered Charity based in London, UK, and operating throughout Greece as Animal Action Hellas, aiming to relieve suffering, prevent cruelty and improve the lives of animals in Greece.

There are three main areas of activity:

Care and Treatment:
• Neutering outreach for cats and dogs in remote locations or at financially challenged shelters
• Equine Project
• Emergency response
• Subsidised neutering of stray cats through our Friendship Programme

Lobbying and Advocacy:
• Contacts with decision-makers, law-makers, enforcement authorities, national and international welfare organisations, aiming to strengthen regulation, legislation and enforcement

Education, Awareness and Capacity Building:
• Programmes for school-age children in Greece, aiming to create a more caring society in future
• Seminars and Demonstrations for owners of working equids, improving practices and caring skills
• Public Awareness Campaigns on specific issues (e.g. pro: responsible ownership, humane population control; anti: exotic pets, hobbling, mass poisoning) via social and print media, aiming to change attitudes and counter traditional beliefs.
• Engagement with local communities to guide them to identify the benefits of high welfare standards; support to develop their own capacity to achieve these and maintain them long term.

We receive no government subsidies. This means that our reach, effectiveness, and the numbers of animals we can help, depend on the donations, grants and legacies made to us by generous supporters who share our values and wish to see animals in Greece given hope of a better future.