What we do

Our operational strategy focuses on ensuring our limited resources are targeted on three main areas seeking to improve the care and treatment of animals in Greece. They are:

  • Equine Outreach Programme, focusing on working and retired horses, donkeys and mules.
  • Neutering Outreach Programme, for populations of stray cats and dogs in remote locations or those held in financially challenged shelters or volunteer groups.
  • We also run a subsidised neutering ‘Friendship Voucher’ scheme linked to a network of collaborator vets to encourage citizens to pay for the neutering of stray cats.
  • Emergency and appeals for help, mostly on a reactive basis.

We also continue to fund innovative projects such as our education project, pilot projects to address issues such as ‘hobbling’, respond to serious animal welfare crises such as the Athens Fires in 2018, and take action against organisations such as the Wildlife Rescue Centre (EKPAZ) of Aegina to protect the wild animals, all in the interests of furthering our mission in Greece.

GAWF has also been an active Member of the Brussels-based animal welfare confederation, ‘Eurogroup for Animals’ for a number of years. Representing 68 animal advocacy organisations in 26 EU Member States, as well as Switzerland, Serbia and Norway, Eurogroup for Animals’ as a confederation has succeeded in encouraging the European Union to adopt higher legal standards of animal protection and enforcement in all EU member states, including Greece.


The charity’s objects are “the prevention and relief of cruelty and suffering amongst animals in Greece”.  We aim to achieve these principally through programmes of veterinary treatment, education and training, lobbying decision makers, and public awareness campaigns.