The Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF), operating in Greece as Animal Action Hellas, is a charity based in London and Athens that strives to improve the welfare of all animals in Greece.


Founded in 1959, GAWF works with any animals that need our help. Aside from our practical and veterinary work, we campaign and lobby the Greek Parliament, support smaller animal welfare groups in Greece, run educational programs and offer hands-on training in animal care.

We aim to provide effective and sustainable solutions to animal welfare problems within Greece and take pride in the fact that our track record speaks for itself.


In February 2012, after a relentless campaign, GAWF welcomed the ban on both domestic and wild animal circuses – a first in Europe.


We continue to build on this success every day with the help of our generous and compassionate supporters.


Our current struggle to help the forgotten victims of the Greek financial crisis is an uphill battle but we are determined to do our best for animals in need, throughout the Greek territory.